Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) on Chicken Shit (quote)

January 19, 2013


Cover of "Ready for Revolution: The Life ...

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“From a young age, even the children had their appropriate responsibility. I cannot remember exactly at what age it first fell to me, but my duty was to clean the chicken coop each week. And those chickens were prolific in more than eggs, which is why later, whenever I’ve heard anyone derogatively described as “chicken s—” so-and-so, I’ve fully understood precisely the severity and grossness of that particular abuse.”


Kwame Ture
Ready for Revolution: The Life and Struggle of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)




2 Responses to “Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) on Chicken Shit (quote)”

  1. Onleilove said

    Thank You for linking I am currently reading Ready for Revolution and love it!

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