Handmade Books

December 23, 2014

The other day, roaming around my internal universe, I thought to myself, why not hand make your next book? Knowing next to nothing about the art, I went straight to Google. The best tutorial I saw was on thelateafternoon.com although my book is not going to be a scrap book so the idea of using cardboard, even well-disguised cardboard, for the material wasn’t embraceable.

On to YouTube where I found the following video:

This one seems more my speed and the place for the poems that I’ve been holding onto. It’s exciting (read rejuvenating). I have several poems just sitting waiting to be part of a book whose finish date seems getting further and further away from me. I realized I may have been thinking about the whole process incorrectly. Even though I have ISBNs somewhere collecting dust, I don’t have to go that route. I can make a little book out of those orphan poems with my very own hands.

Making my own books is something I’ve always pondered even though before this recent cognition, the ponder was located in the black hole of the universe mentioned above. As such my ideas hadn’t yet traveled the distance from the source long-buried thought to today’s age of technology. When I talked about this project with my son, he took pains to inform that he had done this already in his former classroom. Well, “don’t you feel dumb now, Mom, don’t cha?”

Well, yes, I do. But my dumb self is also very excited! And so are the orphaned poems!

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