I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

March 26, 2015

I slice and dice lands
and create monetary demands
that leave you with no hands.
When I’m not slicing and dicing
I’m straight up enticing
you out of your rings and things.

I cut swaths through people’s villages
earning my wealth through pillages.
I got people on the run, on the move
and kings with strength to prove.
I expel and dump the unwanted
and those who remain undaunted
with the stipulation they remember
they’re undesirable, like my temper.

I am Europe at the end of hte 19th century.
I bring murder, mayhem and rape of your family tree.

I fight wars to make sure what’s mine stays mine
and to make what’s yours become mine.
I send foot soldiers, settlers, even your own kind
deeper into your territory to rob you blind.
All of my languages had a place in the sun:
French, Dutch, English and Belgian.

And now your languages have a foot in the grave
and none of your people know how to behave.
I get to scream loud about genocide
while still taking blood from your hide;
getting world opinion on my side
while your black ass gets fried.

Excerpted from my first book, In the Whirlwind

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