Praisesong for the Sun (Revised)

April 12, 2015

Today you shined, today you defined
the thrill of the unmaligned mind
and love, returned in kind.

Time itself unwinds and I am of one mind.
Spirit and body aligned, love for humankind
I feel as well as find. Am I of sane mind?

Have I joined the kingdom of the blind
where oppression is not enshrined?
I must be losing my blighted mind.

Is my state of mind a design?
The sun seems disinclined
in the manner of the divine
to provide reason or rhyme.

I want to take a hard line
but my anger, the sun declined
and I stay in a lovely frame of mind.

I blame it on the sunshine,
calling it an enemy of mine
but the sun stays benign
and I know I’m out of line.

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