Absence in Review

August 9, 2015

It’s been a long time since I last posted. Life has been lived. The Seed (he hates when I refer to him as such) has grown. Flowers and vegetables are blossoming/blooming on my balcony garden. The life I am living now is totally different from the life I thought about living in my twenties and early thirties. Letting King Bee pollinate my flower changed everything and I give thanks…and praise.

But as The Seed regularly reminds me, I should share with my anonymous readers what is going on. According to my YouTube aficionado, I should be much more on my writer’s grind. Part of me agrees with him. Another part of me says I am not tied to any contract where I have to produce work according to an agreed upon schedule. I am free. And if, while I am free, words are not coming to my satisfaction, that is, ultimately, okay. I am a literary daughter of Toni Morrison who says “”Wait, wait, wait, wait. Don’t try to write through it, to force it. Many do, but that won’t work. Just wait, it will come.”

So I wait while writing down whatever comes with no current thought of editing or fitting said drips and drabs into a poem in progress because their vibration seems to align. I am okay. I have faith (read I refuse to write discordant poems simply to continue to lay claim to the title of writer). I wait with the understanding behind me of a piece of a poem that I wrote when I was 22. I tried to fit into everything I had written up to that point. Almost 10 years later, devoid of my notebooks, memory kicked in and provided me with the lines that completed, perfectly, the piece I was writing. In other words, sometimes you can write something that is beyond your development at the time of writing and you just have to wait.

So I am waiting and I have faith that this period of non-production (in the writer’s sense) will lead to something that will be worthy of the wait…and the faith.

While I wait, or rather, concurrently with the wait, is the homeschooling of my son and since it is summer, growing vegetables and flowers on my balcony garden. We recently took a trip to the DC/Maryland area.

20150428_133437_Central Ave

At the Everlasting Life restaurant in Capitol Heights, Maryland, a black owned vegan restaurant. They had the most amazing  macaroni and cheese!

20150427_104545_Olmsted Walk

At the National Zoo


20150430_154714_Ohio Dr SW

Paddle boating on the Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial. We did it during a previous trip to Brooklyn and he couldn’t resist. That face told me now is not the time for discussions of Sally Hemings.


20150427_180839_Largo Rd

It is said that you leave the best for the last and the best of this trip, selfishly speaking, was attending the Unveiling of the Spring Issue of Reflections Literary & Arts Magazine of Prince Georges Community College.


20150502_121128_Wilbur Cross Pkwy

Passenger side view of Wilbur Cross Pkwy

We drove to Maryland and back. Scratch that. I drove to Maryland and back with my very GPS-able pilot. I was so happy to see the sign that we were back home although the drive through Wilbur Cross Pkwy in Connecticut was absolutely lovely; despite seeing two deer dead by the side of the highway.


20150501_103727_Hampton Park Blvd


While in Maryland, I was happy to meet Khadijah Ali-Coleman, she of the lovely voice and spirit!





We were in Maryland to attend the Unveiling of Prince Georges Community College’s literary journal, Reflections. I had submitted a couple of pieces which were accepted so decided to attend…and drive there and back from Cambridge, MA.  The New Jersey Turnpike is something else and that something is not nice. I had planned to visit friends in New Jersey and got so turned around on that divided highway I said something less polite than “forget it” and ended up spending the night at a Holiday Inn in Rahway, a prison town.

The next day we drove home sweet home and I began thinking of what I wanted in my balcony garden this year.  Part II of the Absence in Review will center around the summer progress of said garden.

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  1. So happy to meet you and “the Seed” in person!

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