Genealogy of a Colony: Sir Walter Raleigh: William Byrd Cento I

January 23, 2016

That bewitching vegetable, tobacco
first came to England
by sir Walter Raleigh
that great ornament of the British nation
who, to his royal mistress,
could do no less
than make a present
of the brightest.

Whether that gentleman
ever made a voyage
to that part of the northern American continent
now under the dominion of the king
is uncertain.
However, thus much may be depended on:
Sir Walter invited sundry persons of distinction
to share in his charter,
obtained from queen Elizabeth
of ever-glorious memory,
and join their purses with his
in the laudable project
of fitting out a colony.

A modish frenzy
made many fond of removing
to such a paradise:
expecting their coarsest utensils
would be of massy silver.



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Cento sourced from The Westover Manuscripts



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