The Oppressor’s Clinical Case File

February 15, 2018

as “the”

“The” personifies death.

“The” woos she
saying she has a stake
and she does;
runs the businesses,
wears the uniforms,
shoots the guns,
terrorizes those
“the” proclaims
as enemies.

She personifies death.

“The” and she copulate
The seed is born

No cheerios for the cherub
named Damien.
Six fingers, six toes
and a sickening sense
of two tongues tangled up
in terror-tories
and districts
of under-developed

Columbine calamity
collides with
paltry parental perceptions
but still
the question is queried:

how alongside “The” came
inheritors of hitlerism
gorging on son of sam smorgasbords
defecating dahmerisms,
defiling the dream
of delusional deities?

We see but we don’t see
how it was bound to be
that the son of “The” devil
was born to revile
and revenge himself
upon his own
the most popular;
the most monied;
the mostly
free white
and under 21
of the status quo;

but for “The”
genesis of understanding
doesn’t germinate
from the sacrificial suicide
of the sum.

Deceptively dissociative
“The” avoids the answers
that may
anoint “The”
with humanity.

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