Miss Aretha

August 16, 2018

Summertime Screwed

July 25, 2018

and the killing is easy
pigs are jumping
and mourning is nigh

your daddy’s poor
and your ma is not working
so hush little baby
don’t you die

one of these mournings
you’re gonna rise up thinking
of spreading your left wing
and uncasting the die

but til that mourning
the pigs can harm you
even with mummy and daddy fighting fly

and the killing is easy
pigs are jumping
and mourning is nigh

oh your daddy’s poor
and your ma is not working
so hush little baby
don’t you die

Freestyle in Blue

July 22, 2018


Indigo indicates topaz retreat
and I am summoned
to a repast of blue treats

A birthstone blue kind of night
a sapphire surprise sky

Nonviolent violet
amid surrendering slivers
of yellow

I would claw my way
back from ten thousand deaths
just to witness

these blues



© 2018 Photo and text by Tichaona M. Chinyelu

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Amitava Kumar and Teju Cole collaborate on an ekphrastic project exploring how Cole’s paired images intersect with the works of artists ranging from Sontag to Singh.

Source: Who’s Got the Address? – Guernica


February 17, 2018

Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder
and I be holding beauty
when I glance upon them
theoretically shaping
the future into an afro
centric sharpness
that shook
the white power structure
into confronting
black consciousness
organized and mandated
to dismiss
that old time religion
that said everything in its place
especially the black race.

A new paradigm of blackness
rooted in a communal soliloquy:
ghetto equals colony
and racism is the bastard child
of fascist economies.
Fanon, Malcolm and James
became antidotes
for antiquated theologies
and anti-social pathologies.

In the belly of the imperialistic beast,
in the macro-and-microcosms
of streets and prisons
a new paradigm, a paradise
of struggle
created by ex-soldiers
high school and college students,
whores, pimps, drug dealers
NASA employees,
doctors and number runners
heady, ready and willing.

From Watts to the Congo
white power has gotta go
burn baby burn
no ashes in the urn
time for the tide to turn
and put an end to the yearn.


Panther power was here
turned the police into pigs
and nigs into blacks
figuratively burning effigies
with tactics and strategies
that earned them freedom’s mind.

Ejiọfọr Ugwu  lives and writes in Nsukka, Nigeria. His poetry chapbook The Book of God was selected by African Poetry

Source: Poetry and the Fullness of Things: A Dialogue With Ejiofor Ugwu – Africa in Dialogue

as “the”

“The” personifies death.

“The” woos she
saying she has a stake
and she does;
runs the businesses,
wears the uniforms,
shoots the guns,
terrorizes those
“the” proclaims
as enemies.

She personifies death.

“The” and she copulate
The seed is born

No cheerios for the cherub
named Damien.
Six fingers, six toes
and a sickening sense
of two tongues tangled up
in terror-tories
and districts
of under-developed

Columbine calamity
collides with
paltry parental perceptions
but still
the question is queried:

how alongside “The” came
inheritors of hitlerism
gorging on son of sam smorgasbords
defecating dahmerisms,
defiling the dream
of delusional deities?

We see but we don’t see
how it was bound to be
that the son of “The” devil
was born to revile
and revenge himself
upon his own
the most popular;
the most monied;
the mostly
free white
and under 21
of the status quo;

but for “The”
genesis of understanding
doesn’t germinate
from the sacrificial suicide
of the sum.

Deceptively dissociative
“The” avoids the answers
that may
anoint “The”
with humanity.

Freestyle #1, 2018

January 2, 2018

Freestyle #1, 2018

Stymied by the weather
words coalesce and collect
like dust, like soil.

I am an archaeologist
unearthing her hidden story.
A grain of sand, a paragraph
is all that history provides.

To the victor belongs the spoils

I guess…


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