Conquering Europe?

September 27, 2009

Every so often I come across something inside a book that makes me feel good about being myself…my best self, that is. So I’ve decided that those quotes, concepts, etc are worthy of being shared a la the revolutionary daily thoughts group operated by Mwalimu Baruti.

This one is from John Henrik Clarke’s book: Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust.

There are Africans educated in Africa with African money who are scattered all over the world; they want to be everything but Africans. They have turned Africa over to a bunch of thugs. Coup after coup after coup. Who is going to give Africa the stability that it needs? I maintain – and this might be away from the subject – that there is no solution for African people, except for some form of Pan African Nationalism, no matter how you cut it. No matter what island you’re from, no matter what religion you belong to…we must develop a concept of our Pan Africanism that cuts across all religious, political, social, fraternity, sorority lines and allows us to proudly face the world as one people.


Africans and other non-European people must plan and strategize for a New World Order distinctly their own that will be developed by them, for them. Our mission should not be to conquer Europe but to contain Europe within its borders and let it be known that anything Europe wants from other parts of the world can be had through honorable trade.

If we understand our mission, I think we will become aware of the fact that we are in a position to give the world a new humanity that will bring into being a new world of safety and respect for all people.

Heady, isn’t it?

It’s morning in America again, and this time a hung over morning. The left, and most of all the black left, is only beginning to rouse itself from the Obamaland stupor and stumble out into daylight. The president after all, is not necessarily an ally in the fight to deliver health care, or education, or halt privatizations, bankruptcies, foreclosures or unjust wars, or most of the other things that need delivering or need stopping. Now progressives and the wide awake are beginning to leave Obamaland1 in droves, abandoning the automatic stance that the president is an ally in the struggle for peace abroad and justice at home.

Leaving Obamaland photo

On Nov. 4, 2008, I was one of a small number of people who didn’t give Obama the benefit of the doubt. No, I didn’t vote for McCain. Nor was I a disgruntled supporter of Mrs. Clinton. I voted for Cynthia McKinney. I had countless debates with my online community about my support for McKinney and my attempt to pull a Harriet Tubman and free the inhabitants of Obamaland. The basic political line of most of the folks I debated was that McKinney has no chance of winning. But you know what? I knew that she didn’t have a chance of winning. I’m sure the candidate herself knew that she didn’t have any chance of winning. The more I debated the more I became convinced of my position. The thing that concerned me was what would happen when black people get disillusioned? It’s not as if they/we can turn to the Republican. And even though I voted for McKinney as the Green Party candidate, I’m not convinced we can turn to the Green Party. I was telling this to a friend of mine who won’t try and tar and feather me for being anti-Democratic/Republican Party (regardless of the color of the candidate/office holder). She said that the disillusionment would be a positive development in the political growth of the black community. I have to agree with her take.

The only viable place to go (for those who are genuine) after defecting from Obamaland (and consequently the Democratic Party) is down the avenue of self-determination. It’s time for a black political party with black political objectives running its nerve center. Or should I say it’s time again for a black political party with black political objectives controlling its nerve center?