Ejiọfọr Ugwu  lives and writes in Nsukka, Nigeria. His poetry chapbook The Book of God was selected by African Poetry

Source: Poetry and the Fullness of Things: A Dialogue With Ejiofor Ugwu – Africa in Dialogue

as “the”

“The” personifies death.

“The” woos she
saying she has a stake
and she does;
runs the businesses,
wears the uniforms,
shoots the guns,
terrorizes those
“the” proclaims
as enemies.

She personifies death.

“The” and she copulate
The seed is born

No cheerios for the cherub
named Damien.
Six fingers, six toes
and a sickening sense
of two tongues tangled up
in terror-tories
and districts
of under-developed

Columbine calamity
collides with
paltry parental perceptions
but still
the question is queried:

how alongside “The” came
inheritors of hitlerism
gorging on son of sam smorgasbords
defecating dahmerisms,
defiling the dream
of delusional deities?

We see but we don’t see
how it was bound to be
that the son of “The” devil
was born to revile
and revenge himself
upon his own
the most popular;
the most monied;
the mostly
free white
and under 21
of the status quo;

but for “The”
genesis of understanding
doesn’t germinate
from the sacrificial suicide
of the sum.

Deceptively dissociative
“The” avoids the answers
that may
anoint “The”
with humanity.

Freestyle #1, 2018

January 2, 2018

Freestyle #1, 2018

Stymied by the weather
words coalesce and collect
like dust, like soil.

I am an archaeologist
unearthing her hidden story.
A grain of sand, a paragraph
is all that history provides.

To the victor belongs the spoils

I guess…


Cover designer Alexander von Ness explains the value of a book cover redesign and walks through several cover redesigns and their goals.

Source: Book Cover Redesign as Marketing Tool | Jane Friedman

When I was a teenager (18/19), I didn’t know anything (relatively speaking) about the liberation struggle but I did know a lil about black feminism and the reason for that was because of the work of women such as Barbara Smith and books such as Homegirls – a Black Feminist Anthology.
A circle is an embrace and Barbara Smith deserves to be encircled. (TMC)


Source: A letter from Ms. Barbara’s Caring Circle – BARBARA SMITH CARING CIRCLE

Drafted and Shafted

May 29, 2017

Everyday, the street sweepers’ contempt
swept us, nothing and nobody exempt.

The whites of their eyes forecast doom
in their matrix soundstage of a room.

They insisted on incising my rights
with a language full of curses and slights.

You won’t catch me on the front line
being one God says is all mine.

It’ll be prison time you’ll reap
or on this floor, your blood will seep.

Either way I’d be gone, nonexistent
so I chose the path of least resistance.

For the first time, the gun in my hands is legal
which surprised me into feeling regal.

I wanted to swagger around like John Wayne
but everyone treated me like Major Payne.

To make sure I was constantly outdoors
They sent me on senseless missions to explore.

When my grumblings became a roar
MP’s dropped me in the real war.

One day their bombs blew my body apart
destroying my will to depart.

Source: » 15 Respected Literary Journals and Magazines that Publish Creative Writing


Submitting is always a gamble that is heavily skewed against the writer. Still, what do we have to lose by submitting? Here’s what is described as the crème de la crème. Check it out. Submit your best work. I’ll be doing the same. Good luck!

Liberated Muse Arts Group is a multi-disciplinary arts company specializing in pop-up performances, musical and theatrical productions, and arts-educational services.

Source: Every Day I Birth the Blues by Tichaona Chinyelu | Liberated Muse Arts Group

He [Du Bois] said in one of my favorite speeches that “we unwittingly stand at the crossroads—should we go the way of capitalism and try to become individually rich as capitalists, or should we go the way of cooperatives and economic cooperation where we and our whole community could be rich together?” He was afraid that we were choosing the wrong path – individualism.

Source: Black Co-ops Were A Method of Economic Survival | Grassroots Economic Organizing

This was no regular handshake. This was the first shot in a bloodless war.

Source: The Definitive Analysis of ‘The Handshake’ Between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau – VICE