Anyone whom I’ve allowed to truly know me knows I love the Beatles and more specifically, John Ono Lennon.

Flashback to December 9, 1980: I was exactly a week shy of my thirteenth birthday when I walked into the classroom to find my teacher crying buckets and pressing rewind on her tape deck. I had no idea what was going on that would make my normally stalwart yet compassionate teacher forgo teacher-student protocol but it made me curious to say the least.

As John himself said, his last album, Double Fantasy, was about him and Yoko and was also oriented to people of his generation, which I, almost thirteen, 27 years younger than him, was not. Still, as an alienated, immigrant teenager struggling to find my way, what I managed to read about him, Yoko and the Beatles in that pre-Internet age, spoke to me in such a way it still resonates to this day, when I am older than he was allowed to be.

Yes, I am in my feelings about the Beatles and John Lennon. So here are videos:

As I wrote above, I am 27 years younger that JOL (John Ono Lennon) which means that I am, partly, of the (real) punk generation.  What does that mean? It means that this is one of my favorite songs of “his”. It means that I not only don’t have a problem with Yoko’s vocals in this song but actually, truly, enjoy it.



As someone who has shut a significant amount of doors (aka just had to let them go) in order to raise my son in a way that will allow his black nerd self to thrive in this nation which has consistently refused to respect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, watching the wheels go round and round is devastating and heart-breaking. Yet the fact that the wheels go round and round means that what is up will come down and what is down will come up and in that vein, it doesn’t significantly  matter, that people (family and friends) call me lazy because I, currently, do not work outside the home (folks don’t consider blog posts and writing poetry to be “actual” work).


I include this one because JOL could be a perfect asshole lyrically when he was enraged. In other words, he was not perfect and I embrace his imperfections (especially because time has proven “Sir” Paul to be a perfect wanker). I could, possibly, embrace “Sir” Paul’s imperfections except I can’t bear to listen to him. So it goes. I am not perfect, either.


This…because I’m a womanist and because JOL “perfect assholeness” includes how he treated women. And also, because he recognized that he needed to acknowledge, publicly, that, yes, he profoundly loved Yoko but also that their relationship broke him out of the prison that was Beatlemania. Before Yoko, he expressed his angst about Beatlemania with semi-trite songs like Help and Nowhere Man. After he met and got involved with Yoko, it was All You Need is Love and Imagine, etc. She was his muse in ways that Beatlemaniacs still don’t acknowledge or respect to this day, 36 years after his death. Kudos to Yoko for staying her path.